Ricky Jay – One of today’s GREATEST magicians

Ricky Jay is one of the greatest living magicians of today.  His supernatural sleight-of-hand places him light-years ahead of all but very few magicians alive, and when coupled with his vast knowledge and intellectual understanding of magic – makes him unique in any era.

The above video is Ricky’s one-man show from Broadway, ‘Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants’, and is a masterclass in magic, theatre, sleight-of-hand, scripting, presentation, magical history, and much more.

See the trailer for Ricky’s forthcoming movie here, a wonderful demonstration of his skills here, and Ricky’s website here.

One man, one cup … real magic.

In 2012 Yann Frisch took two of the most revered prizes available in the world of magic – “Champion du Monde” at the Beijing International Magic Convention, and Grand Prix in close-up magic at FISM 2012.  The above routine was viewed over 1.3 million times in a single week when first released on YouTube, and is a magical masterclass in sleight-of-hand and misdirection.

The world’s most INSANE coin magician

Ponta the Smith is without question one of the world’s greatest coin magicians, and the videos below are all the more impressive when you know that every SINGLE video below uses real, normal coins. The coins he uses are not tricked or gimmicked in ANY way.





For those that wish to dedicate YEARS of practice to become anything close to the above level of skill, you can learn from Ponta himself on a DVD he released to the magical community in 2009.  See the trailer for Ponta’s DVD here, and buy the DVD here.