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Drummond Money-Coutts

“In May 2012 Money-Coutts travelled to the supposed birthplace of magic, Egypt, in order to film his fifth solo short film, “What is Magic?“.  Staying in Cairo whilst the city was under military curfew, owing to the ongoing unrest after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution – the film seeks to find quite what magic really means today after so many thousands of years of development … “
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Put simply, at just 27-years-old Drummond Money-Coutts is one of the most successful private working magicians performing in the world today, and a major rising figure in the world of magic.

DMC as a boy


Starting his journey at just six years old, as a child Money-Coutts devoured every book he could find on the topics of magic, mysteries, ghosts, UFOs, ancient mysticism, conspiracy theories and the supernatural.

One day, aged just eight, Money-Coutts was taken by his father to the UK’s oldest magic shop, Davenports – a store which still today lies beneath the vaults of the main headquarters of Coutts & Co, the old family bank where Money-Coutts’ father worked at the time. At the shop Money-Coutts’ father bought him his first proper magic book, “The Royal Road to Card Magic”, a foundation work of magical literature which transformed Money-Coutts’ boyish interest in cards, magic and illusion into a total, all-encompassing obsession.

drummond studying


Aged 13, whilst a student at Eton College, Money-Coutts continued to seek out every reference he could find on the topic of playing cards, card history, card magic and card cheating. Mastering the necessary sleights and techniques became an addiction, as Money-Coutts spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours perfecting his craft in private.

On leaving school in 2005, Money-Coutts next travelled the world to seek out professionals in his field, a period during which he spent much time with magicians throughout India, the USA, Europe, Africa and south-eastern Asia. Whilst travelling in Thailand, Money-Coutts was introduced to an elite circle of secret card cheats in Bangkok. The men were professional cardsharks who would cheat in illegal, underground card games in the city, and often travelled internationally to take down casinos in Hong Kong, Australia and Japan – making many thousands of dollars each time. Money-Coutts spent a fortnight with the men, studying their methods and techniques.

When he left University at 23, Money-Coutts enrolled immediately at the London Gaming College and spent three months qualifying as a professional croupier, becoming schooled extensively in the practices of modern-day casino gambling and card dealing.  On successful completion of the course, with the College having learned of his abilities with cards, Money-Coutts was handed a lifelong ban from ever gambling in any casino in the UK.



Alongside his studying of the art, Money-Coutts also worked to develop himself as a professional magician – taking years to hone his abilities and establish himself today as magician of choice to some of the world’s most elite and exclusive parties.

To date, private clients have included royal families across three continents, Hollywood stars, sports icons, the world’s very finest hotels, presidents, and a range of millionaires and billionaires worldwide. More specifically – HM Queen Elizabeth II, Jeremy Clarkson, Natalia Vodianova, David Haye, Hugh Grant, David Ginola, Eugene Wu, HRH Prince Harry, Michael Parkinson, Stephen Fry, Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, Frank Williams, Emma Watson, Pippa Middleton, William Hague, Leonard Blavatnik, Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark, Eddie Jordan, Bryan Adams and countless others have all witnessed Money-Coutts in person.


More recently, Money-Coutts has continued to travel the world extensively to meet with witchdoctors, magicians, masters and spiritual gurus from all possible countries and cultures.  Many of these journeys Money-Coutts documented in amateur short films, available today to see on YouTube (here).

Money-Coutts lives currently in London, England.

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